• High & Mighty brews are made with righteous conviction.

    We're not just brewers - we're beer-evangelists. We're the Clergy of Zymurgy, the Priests of Yeasts, the Joyful Congregation of High Fermentation.

    Every High and Mighty offering will be a powerful wallop for the spirit. Drink one and you're going to say "Smite me again, barkeep!"

  • Beer of the Gods

    Light and refreshing, our cheeky flagship German-style beer is low in alcohol and easy to drink, but has enough hop bitterness to please even Zeus himself. Sure, we know those well-endowed beers will get all the press, but, just once, how about some props for the little guy?

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  • Purity of Essence

    Very possibly the world’s only India Pale Lager, Purity of Essence is a hoppy beer designed for people who think they don’t like hops. Made with 100% German malts and hops, it has plenty of hop bitterness, and all the flavor you need, but none of the harshness you find in many IPA’s.

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  • Two-Headed Beast

    Our luscious, creamy stout is brewed with loads of organic raw cacao beans and fermented with Belgian Ale yeast. Like velvety, deep, dark chocolate in your glass. Leave those sugary sweet chocolate drinks for the hoi polloi – the Beast is for aesthetes and sophisticates only.

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  • XPA

    Our east coast pale ale is brewed almost exactly at the 'X' between the hop fields of the Pacific Northwest and of East Kent, in the U.K.  We use hops and grain from both, to create a beer that combines English refinement with a feisty American swagger.

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  • XPA
  • XPA
  • XPA
  • XPA

High & Mighty Beer Company began in 2006 as an offshoot of Shelton Brothers beer importing company. Will Shelton took his idea for a novel German-style ale to Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and Beer of the Gods was born, to extraordinary commercial success, critical acclaim, and unabashed adoration from beer geeks the world over.

Eventually, Will discovered that he enjoyed selling the beer he made even more than he did the splendid beers that Shelton Brothers imports, and in June 2008, he abandoned his brother to focus on making beer that added an American attitude to the best of European beer styles. The beer is still lovingly made at Paper City.


Just in time for Oktoberfest!

Our two German-style smoked beers are in the tank and will be on the street soon.  Look for Fumata Bianca —  our delicately-smoked light, but creamy, lager — and its more robust and roasty counterpart, Fumata Nera, by mid-October 2013.  Where do these names come from, you ask?  Time to do a little Papal history review [...]

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Summer Pignics, Festivals, and One Big Party

July was supposed to be a quiet month. It really was, until the Pignic talk started. You know we love the Russell House Tavern staff, I mean, we’ve pretty much screamed it from the rooftops, er, twitter. Back when we were talking to them about events, the Pignic came up. Our beer and the nose-to-tail [...]

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Beer Launches, Hair Band Brunches, a Festival, and Tastings All Over Town.

Ready to be overwhelmed with information? Good, because we’ve got a lot. First off, if you’re ‘Liking’ us on Facebook, you’ve seen some shots of our brewery in Easthampton. Make sure you head on over to the page for some photos and get pumped. It’s coming along and we’ll be sharing the entire process over [...]

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Upcoming Events

The Beggars Banquet at Russell House Tavern

Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 6pm – 8pm


Featuring High & Mighty’s Beast of Bourbon Blend and Rolling Stones inspired dishes by Uber-Chef Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern

Yes, It is happening again, kids. We’re taking two of our beers and making a blend that may or may not change your life. Trust us.

Two-Headed Beast (The Beast) and Don Cornelius (The Bourbon) will be paired up with some Stones tunes, and not just the ones everyone knows, we are talking serious B-side gems here and some incredible bites from Chef Scelfo and the RHT staff. We love some wordplay and Chef worked overtime with naming these incredible bites for the night.

We’ll be hashtagging (not a real word) #beggarsbanquet all night BUT bonus points (high fives) for #moveslikejagger, #foodlikejagger, #brewlikejagger

And of course, a menu preview:

Salt of the Earth…from Beggar’s Banquet
smoked yellow foot mushrooms, fava puree, & ricotta salata toasts

Country Honk…from Let it Bleed
confit pigs tails, anson mills grits, sweet pea gravy

Loving Cup…from Exile on Main Street
beef heart dumplings, ginger broth, thai basil & toasted peanuts

Dancing with Mr D… from Goat’s Head Soup
guajillo braised goat’s head tacos, tapatio crema, cotija cheese & cilantro

Eastern Mass launch of Divine Brown @ The Otherside Café.

Join us for the Eastern Mass launch of Divine Brown.

Thursday Feb 2. 6pm- close High & Mighty Beer Soiree @ The Otherside Café.



Divine Brown

Brown Ale brewed with Coffee

People say that brewing is the world’s

second-oldest profession; some even say

it’s less dignified than the first, but

that’s only because they haven’t spent

time with Divine Brown.

Made with a prodigious quantity of raw oats

and a gentle touch of dark-roasted coffee,

this boot-knockin’ brown does the trick

every time.

4.5% alc/vol


POE, BOG, Fumata Nera, XPA, and DBrown on draft.

The Otherside Cafe

407 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02115-1801
(617) 536-8437

Come get your Mug On!